Project Description

OrrCo, a thermoplastics former, and Fabtron, a leather fabrication shop, both located in Maryville, Tennessee, enlisted the services of APTUS to help create their new lineup of premium concealed carry gun holsters.  These holsters would need to be low profile, comfortable, ergonomic, and above all else, safe.  Blue Guns, which are highly accurate rubber castings of the guns in question were provided to APTUS for testing.

With all of the complex shapes and intricacies in pistol designs, APTUS decided that using their in-house 3D scanner to scan each of the guns would be the best way to get accurate CAD data to design the holsters.  With the highly detailed CAD data from the scanning, APTUS could design the holster shape to closely fit around the unique features of each gun.  This process resulted in a top-notch fitment and lower profile than many others on the market.

An APTUS in-house 3D printer was used frequently with this project to test fitment of each gun. To deal with the inconsistencies of thermoforming, preliminary molds for fit testing were made on also made on an in-house 3D printer.  These prototype molds allowed for small adjustments and verification very quickly, and without the need to build costly production molds.